- "O Lado Oculto da Lua", for orchestra (2021)

- "Sorrow came and wept", for mixed choir and string orchestra (2018)

- "Ex Nihilo: Canor", for Ensemble MPMP - Fl, Cl, Vl, Vc, Pn (2017)

- "Soneto do amor e da morte", for SATB choir, poem by Vasco Graça Moura (2014)

- "O Desassossego", for SATB choir, poem by Bernardo Soares (2013)

- "O Silêncio", for SATB choir, poem by Eugénio de Andrade (2013)

- "The Broken Note", for solo trumpet (2012)
- "Salus, Honor et Virtus", for SATB choir, Antiphon to Saint Michael, Revelation 12:7 (2010)

- "Amnis", for symphonic orquestra (2010)

- "People Forget Easily", electronic (2009)

- "Quarteto de cordas nº1", for string quartet (2009)
- "Elegia", for cello and piano (2006)

- "Quarteto 5.1", for clarinet quartet (2005)

- "Múltiplos", for piano and electronics (2005)

- "O Despertador", electronic (2004)

- "Scordabasso", for double bass quartet (2004): honorable mention in the 2010 ISB/David Walter Composition Competition (chamber music division) (2004)


main works

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- "Flagrante", António Zambujo, for string quartet

- "O amor é mágico", Expensive Soul, for string quartet

- "I Was Born to Love You", Queen, for Soprano, Baritone, Piano, Violin and Cello

- "Love of My Life", Queen, for Soprano, Baritone, Piano, Violin and Cello

- "La Valse d'Amelie", Yann Tiersen, for string quartet and harp

- "Haja o que Houver", Madredeus, for string quartet and harp

- "Alma Mater", Rodrigo Leão, for string quartet and harp

- "Calambre", "La Cumparsita", "Oblivion", "Revirado", Astor Piazzolla, for string quartet

other projects

- "My Little Scorpion", small piece for solo harp (buy score)

- "The Lady From the Sea", small piece for solo harp (buy score)

- "The Fall", art instalation by José Carlos Teixeira

Sleeping Pulse - Music: Luís Fazendeiro; Vocals/Lyrics: Mike Moss; String arrangements on "Backfire", "Foreign Body" and "The Blind Lead The Blind": David Miguel

- "Cinema Mudo", play by Bernardo Rey, dramaturgy by Nube Sandoval and Bernardo Rey

- "PoeMus", music and poetry recital, with Neuza Dias, Cláudia Pato and Tiago Martins